Final paper

I want to talk about the existing post on the social media which bother me most in the final paper. There are many existing post which made me laugh or appreciate when they first come up on my screen, but when more and more people repost the same post and it keep pumping up, this phenomenon makes the hilarious post annoying. Here are some reasons that why this phenomenon exists.

  1. People who keep reposting these kind of post want to attract people’s attention on the social network, in order to make advertisement.
  2. There are always people repost it because there are always new users online. They are they people who are new to everything, so it is comprehensible they repost them because this is the first time they see them.
  3. People want to bring the post on one social media to another one make also make people who use different media see it over and over again.
  4. People may copy some of the interesting post from Weibo or Twitter to the blog that not as popular as those hot media, so they win reputation on this media by copying others.

This reasons have different methods to solve them. But this phenomenon have a lot of difficulties to change it. 1,2,4 may be easy to bring down, but the methods may be not practical. And 4 is difficult to change because new users come into the Internet everyday.

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