Final Paper

While talking about the imagined Hot Spot function in Weibo,  there are some things that need to be explained.

1. The randomness in the function is not really “Random”, but more like describing a disordered recommendation to the users at the beginning. I would like to make the function has a potential to develop itself by getting comments from the user. And with the users choosing “like” or “dislike” a piece of information that is recommended, the system would have the ability to record not only the topics, but also some details about the recommended content such as “with/without picture”, “serious/amusing contents”, “special people”. What Weibo is doing these days is simply dividing the contents into different sections (sports, music, famous people, etc), and lets users choose the sections they are interested in. I would like to pay more attention to the way things are spread at the very beginning, and try to find a way to dig out the information that most people would like to see in a more efficient way.

2. Why Weibo is not doing so? Well, with the big Vs, Weibo actually doesn’t need to do much about the explosive spreading of information—Big Vs do most of the job. However, for an ordinary user, it’s really hard to get some useful information in some cases because any search based on the present system would lead to the post of the Big Vs. So to some extent, the current recommendation and search system in Weibo is sometimes ineffective and crowded with useless information.

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