Final Cometh p.3

The impermanence surrounding Pinterest account deletion clearly has come effect on it’s users. My guess if that it makes the deletion less serious and therefore more likely to happen. In order to fully analyze the effect of the option to temporarily close the account, I need to know more about Pinterest as a company and it’s customer demographics.

1. (some company history)

2. (Pinterest comparied to other companies, economically)

—-Side Note, on the Forbes website, users have the option to comment after just having read the title. One can expect almost nothing except knee-jerk reactions. Forbes also makes it incredibly hard to print their articles, but sharing is no big deal.

3. (break down of Pinterest demographics, in terms of income)

4. (infographic about pinterest users)

These sources tell me that Pinterest users, for the most part, are young (24-35), middle class mothers. I’m assuming, for now, that the mothers use the site to pin projects and clothing for their children, but so far I still need to do more research to see what makes the impermanent account closing a good idea (but I’m considering going down the route of talking about why it’s bad).


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