The Propagandist’s Cute Cat Theory

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The effectiveness of participatory media as a platform for political activists in disseminating dissident messages has been well observed in the recent years. From Tahrir Square to Causeway Bay, political activists around the world have been taking advantage of various participatory media platforms to spread their ideas and organize real-world protests against their governments.

This raises an interesting question: since most participatory media that are used by the political activists are open for everyone to register and publish information, what would happen if the government decides to utilize social media to spread propaganda? An analysis of various propaganda campaigns on participatory media around the world would reveal that propagandists could also benefit from participatory media, but the form and the content of the propaganda would need to be carefully tailored in order to ensure the effectiveness of the propaganda.

In the paper I will analyse the advantages and the challenges the propagandists will run into in spreading propaganda on participatory media, and whether the “Cute cat theory” can still be hold true in the dissemination of propaganda

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