Photographic Sub-Plots: Maggie Walsh

An event or place means something different to every person. We all have very unique experiences, and our memories are shaped by these experiences.

When I travel, I hold my memories in the photos I take. If I am bored, I will scroll through the endless shots to reminisce. I remember what I felt like at the moment I took the picture. When I take a photo, I usually will capture friends, architecture, or a beautiful landscape, and most of the time strangers fill these shots. I mean, imagine how many times you appear in the back of a photograph without knowing. I decided to take the time to notice these strangers, and here are my results.

As I looked through my pictures, I never noticed the other people in the shots to any large degree. But, sometimes, one individual would stand out to me. It is interesting to think that the people walking by you on the street are experiencing an entire life completely separate from your own, but for that brief moment, you are sharing an experience together.

I took some of my favorite photos, and highlighted some people (and animals ;)). I wish I could go back to the moment these photos were taken, and put myself into their shoes. **If you click them and enlarge them, they are better quality**

Feel free to comment what you think these people may be thinking! 🙂

Entrance to Chinatown in London

Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand at Coney Island
B and W 2

Street Art in Soho, New York
B and W 1

South African performance in Brighton, UKIMG_9033

Friend posing for pictures in Bath, UKIMG_9306

Candids of friends at the Oktoberfest in Munich, GermanyIMG_9803

Watching Fireworks on the Hudson River in New YorkW and B 3

A performance of the Lion King at Disneyland Hong KongW and B 4

Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong

W and B 6

Sister’s Senior Ball

W and B 7

People celebrating the Notting Hill CarnivalW and B 8

W and B 9