Final paper

I want to talk about the existing post on the social media which bother me most in the final paper. There are many existing post which made me laugh or appreciate when they first come up on my screen, but when more and more people repost the same post and it keep pumping up, this phenomenon makes the hilarious post annoying. Here are some reasons that why this phenomenon exists.

  1. People who keep reposting these kind of post want to attract people’s attention on the social network, in order to make advertisement.
  2. There are always people repost it because there are always new users online. They are they people who are new to everything, so it is comprehensible they repost them because this is the first time they see them.
  3. People want to bring the post on one social media to another one make also make people who use different media see it over and over again.
  4. People may copy some of the interesting post from Weibo or Twitter to the blog that not as popular as those hot media, so they win reputation on this media by copying others.

This reasons have different methods to solve them. But this phenomenon have a lot of difficulties to change it. 1,2,4 may be easy to bring down, but the methods may be not practical. And 4 is difficult to change because new users come into the Internet everyday.

ideas for final paper

  1. What kind of new media can be designed to make the people develop the awareness that knowing to protect their original work. The patent is always a problem for every creators around the world, I am going to talk about two aspects. (1) The differences between this new media and the present creative media is that we should control people from download and screenshot the original work that exists on the Internet. The new media can be a plugin in the computer that as soon as people decide to download it, the websites will be shut down.(2)People get into different creative websites because they want to develop their own ideas, so one people can only have one account in order to prevent other people who lack creativity want to plagiarize someone else.
  2. What problem the exist medias have? People always trying to create new media because people always find disadvantages of original one. But how to change this situation? We need to create some projects to develop the old one, bring it back to people’s views, show the Internet renewing speed and come up some ideas to change this situation.

Protection of The Original Works

The speed of technology development on Internet is so fast that the number of online creative work increasing faster and faster nowadays. People can sharing their own creative ideas more easier that they thought before. Not to mention the hilarious pieces on Weibo and twitter (the creative thoughts limited in 140 characters really scared me), a large amount of original novels and poems, paintings and songs appear on the Internet. Enjoying these contemporary art, I keep thinking about whether these excellent original works have their own patent protection.

Actually everyday on the Internet have disputes about which works belongs to which creators. They all have reasonable proofs, but no one, or we can say that there is no sound laws to protect the patents of this works online. In my opinion, we should create a website to protect people create their original works freely without worry about the Plagiarism. The website should allow people to sign up with their own ID card and classify different people into different sections. People get more appreciate of others can give their levels higher, which allow them have the opportunities to communicate with more people with creation. People interested in different subjects can also divide into different parts of the plates. The websites can also create more measures to protect others from save the works like they can see the works, but they cannot save them until they sign up.

Actually there is a website about original works already exists outside the mainland China called “Bēchance”.It is a website provide more designers have chances to show their works and collaborate with sponsors.

屏幕快照 2014-11-04 下午10.02.38

But the website I want to create should allow more ordinary people to participate instead of afraid to show themselves because they lack professional skills. I help this kind of website could correct the unhealthy tendency of the original works online.

the Wechat Account of News Simulcast

News Simulcast is the most official news in China provides by China Central Television. It usually broadcasts on 7 o’clock every day night, which almost every Chinese who gets back home for dinner will watch it. But since Wechat gets more and more popular in China, News Simulcast finally sets it own Wechat public account.


This account brings a lot of problems for other news account online. Wechat itself has its own online news called Tencent News, which is belong to Tencent company as well. If the Wechat public account of News Simulcast appears, it will not only became a powerful competitor to Tencent News, but also influence other online news. Besides Wechat public account, News Simulcast sets up Weibo account and client at the same time. As the huge influence News Simulcast has, CCTV introduces online news is not an irrational decision. As the outlook for the online news market is promising, most people have good prospects on this action. Since the followers number on the Wechat public account of New Simulcast cannot be seen by common users, I make two screenshots show the number of followers on Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

屏幕快照 2014-10-28 下午9.59.44 屏幕快照 2014-10-28 下午9.59.30 屏幕快照 2014-10-28 下午9.59.14

But after the introduction, the output does not seem as a good introduction. The challenge that New Simulcast is facing comes from different parts. First, the Wechat users. Most people who use mobile frequently still use Tencent News to get latest news as usual. The influence that News Simulcast has on the television is not same to which it has online. The users see online news are accustomed to use Tencent News, because most of their time are spent out of the door and do not have the habit that see News Simulcast every day. So when News Simulcast set up online, they are used to Tencent News. Second, Tencent News is different other public accounts on Wechat, people who use Wechat follow Tencent News at the first time they set up a new Wechat account because they belong to the same company. But if you want to see the online news which provided by News Simulcast, you should scan the QR code of it first, which do not like Tencent News, is enforced by the background program of Wechat. Third, News Simulcast cannot make the news they provide online same to those on TV. The news provide online also need to be entertained, or there will be no users follow them. This is quite different from the news that CCTV provides at every night. But when the news provide online different from News Simulcast style, they lost their feature and make the public account same to the other online news public account.


Tumblr is a media that somewhere between blog and microblog which offer a platform for people to share their daily life and ideas flexibly. The Weibo in China today actually can do the same things as Tumblr. Except Weibo mainly use by Chinese people because of the network in China are limited this disadvantage, Weibo actually should share the same reputation as Tumblr. The reason why Tumblr has been so popular is the thing that I want to find out.


Actually there is another blog app called Lofter in China which is kind of the same to Tumblr but only a little scale of Chinese use it. Why Tumblr is so popular among the world whereas Lofter rarely know by people in China? That is the certain thing I want out fine out by research the differences between the users on the Internet from other countries and from China.

The Drive-In Theater

When I read the Drive-in Theater first, I was so interested in this kind of way to see a movie and confused by why it disappear. But now I finally figured out.


The Drive-in Theater became a fashion at that time because films were really rare and few people have chance to see a film. The video equipment at that time was not as advanced as nowadays, which made the films tickets expensive and films were not really diverse like the movies’ types today. Since the films tickets became really expensive, the people who had the money to raise a car had the free time and money to see the films in that way. The Drive-in Theater allowed these people to have a private space with their friends or lovers while enjoy an interesting film.


Furthermore, another reason why the Drive-in Theater was so fashion at that time is that there was always enough space to hold this kind of activities.


Nowadays there are various kinds of cinema which not only provide you snacks and toilet, but also can provide you private space for two people or friends if asked for. And the films are not quite attractive because there are more interesting computer games, TV shows, teleplays and so on. People even can see a movie online or download at home without going out their houses. So why shall we drive all a way to a big park to see a film? The seat and the view will not be as comfortable as those chairs and view in the cinema.What’s more, you definitely need to drive a long way to find the park where people can set a Drive-in Theater. So why don’t just go to the cinema downstairs or only a few minutes way from your house? I think it is inevitable the Drive-in Theater disappear.

Smaller or bigger

I did not come to know anything about the Internet until I was in junior high. I was really fascinated by how large the information it could give.The Internet which is connected to all electronic terminals today must be the most influential media with the largest online number in the world. So far, it is the largest media I have ever known. But since I have learned about what a useful tools it is, I realize that the people on the Internet and the Internet itself are actually interdependent. It could not work so well without a large amount of people attending and updating the data day and night. In fact it cannot work well at small scale because without billions of information exchanging and data communicating, the Internet is just a hard disk and with no message in it. On the other hand, without the Internet, there is no place for people to exchange their messages so  quickly and so freely. As for me, the Internet must be the best answer for the media which are willing to get profit and post advertisement so that everyone can get to know about it.

For media fit small scale, having meals with friends is an example. It will only work smoothly in a small scale. People usually choose their own friends while chatting during eating time because friends are the people who share the common topics with you. If you are required to speak in public, you will probably share the topics which are more thoughtful instead of those topics related to your interests and will not take you so much time to organize your words. I did not mean that a party full of people with good knowledge and status does no good, but I am sure that more people will choose to hang out with people they are familiar. The Internet provides an expanse platform for people who raise their knowledge and broad their horizon, but people always need a small zone for themselves to chat privately.