Past Workshops

Fall 2018 Workshops:

Documentation Workshop (Communications Lab)

Documentation Workshop (Comm Lab)

Documentation Workshop (Interaction Lab)

Documentation Workshop (Interaction Lab)

Electronics: Tips, Tricks, and Other Things

Electronics: Tips, Tricks, and Other Things

3D Printer Workshop

3D Printer Workshop

Sound Recording and Editing

Sound Recording and Editing

Fall 2017 Workshops:

Soldering Workshop

Soldering Workshop

Serial Communication Workshop

Fall 2016 Workshops:


Documentation Best Practices with AJ


Sound Recording with Jiwon


Documentation Workshop II with AJ


Retouch Yourself with Nicole A. Chan


Soldering with Luis


Illustrator and Laser Cutting with Aven


3D Printing with Marcela


Twitter Bots with Luis


Github Web with Jiwon

2015 Workshops:

  1. Documentation Best Practices by Kyle
  2. Illustrator Best Practices
  3. Data Scraping
  4. Carto DB
  5. Projection Mapping
  6. How to use the 3D printers
  7. How to Use a Sewing Machine
  8. Soft Circuits: Voodoo Doll
  9. Intro to 3D Modeling [ 123D Design ]
  10. From 3D to 2D: Creating Paper-Fold Models
  11. Processing On Rasperry Pi
  12. Pixels and LED’s


  1. FamilyMart Doorbell [Instructables]
  2. Simple soft circuit button [Instructables]
  3. Tutu with embedded LEDs [Instructables]
  4.  Weave your own conductive fabric [Instructables]
  5. Track tracking with Carto DB [Instructables]
  6. Intro to CNC Fabrication
  7. MDX-40A CNC Milling Guide
  8. iModela CNC Milling Guide
  9. Intro to 3D Scanning
  10. Kinect 3D Scanning Guide
  11. Matter and Form 3D Scanning Guide