Assignment 1 – Felting + Simple Circuits

Assignment 1 – Felting + Simple Circuits


  • 1 Handful of wool roving.
  • 1 Coin cell battery
  • 1 LED
  • Vinyl Tape


  • Felting needles.
  • Styrofoam block
  • Scissors

Your challenge this assignment is to create a piece of fabric that you felted yourself and incorporate circuitry onto it. One example is to create a soft switch for a 3 volt coin-cell battery to power up an LED.

Felt two pieces of fabric together, forming a pocket for the battery.

Make a hole in one of the sides of the pockets for an LED lead to be able to touch.

Tape down the long lead of the LED to the battery’s positive side, and leave the short lead outside of the pocket. Make sure you are not short circuiting the battery.

When you press down on the felt pocket, it should light up your LED.

Take photos and notes throughout the experience for documentation. We will go over posting your experience on the documentation blog next week. This is an individual assignment. Each person must create their own fabric and document their own work.

Examples from previous semesters: