VR/AR Fundamentals 3/5: Other Senses (Haptic, Smell, Taste, Mind)

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 48 slides, 1.2MB)

Week 4 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 3: Other Senses (Haptic, Smell, Taste, Mind)
Fooling the other senses.

—- Haptics & Force-Feedback
—- Seats & Motion Platforms
—- “4D”
—- Skin as Input
—- Hands & Controllers
—- Touching Real Things / MR
—- Non-Contact Haptics

Smell & Taste
—- Smell-O-Vision & the Food Simulator
—- Current Work

—- Remote Viewing (ESP), Brainstorm (the movie), & Science
—- Hacks

—- When is suggestion good enough?
—- Synaesthesia

Your Assignment for Wednesday
Be prepared to set up and install!

VR / AR News of the Week

VR/AR Fundamentals 2/5: Audiovisual Spatiality & Immersion

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 89 slides, 2.5MB)

Week 3 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 2: Spatiality and Immersion
What does it take to fool two eyes and ears and with an unframed image?


Stereoscopics & Stereophonics
— Parallax & Disparity
— Interpupillary Distance (IPD)
— Convergence
— Stereo & Binaural Sound

Multiscopics & Multiphonics
— Holography
— Head Tracking
— Volumetric Video
— Spatial Sound

— History
— Monoscopic Panoramas & Nodal Points
— Stereoscopic Panoramas & Head Rotation
— Multiscopic Panoramas

Putting It All Together


Your Assignment for Wednesday
There’s more material on: http://ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals/resources/ .
Select and post 3 more titles you’d like to experience and why.
Seeking more obscure and edgy.

VR / AR News of the Week

VR/AR Fundamentals 1/5: Audiovisual Resolution & Fidelity

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 44 slides, 1.4MB)

Week 2 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 1: Resolution & Fidelity
What does it take to fool one eye and one ear with a framed image?

Static Elements
—–Pixels & Color
—–Dynamic Range & Brightness
—–Photo-Realism, Abstraction, & Cartoonishness

And special to VR / AR

Dynamic Elements
—–Motion & Frame Rate
———-Frequency Range
———-Dynamic Range & Loudness
———-Audio-Realism, Abstraction, & Cartoonishness

Your Assignment for Wednesday

The class blog ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals has a new page:


Take a look at all 7 VR catalogs.
Select and post 3 titles you’d like to experience and why.

VR / AR News of the Week

VR/AR Fundamentals: Introduction

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 95 slides, 1.8MB)

Week 1 – Introduction

1. (A Funny Question)
2. What are VR / AR fundamentals?
3. Who am I?
4. Who are you?
5. Class structure
6. Assignments & grading
7. Being “positively critical”

Your Assignment for Wednesday

Concept and Syllabus on http://ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals/ (!!!)
Brenda Laurel, What Is Virtual Reality? (2016)
Alvin Wang Graylin, 16 Lessons for a VR-First Future From ‘Ready Player One’” (2017)

Post and Present:
Of the 16 Lessons, which one do you MOST agree with and which one do you LEAST agree with. Please post why. The posts can be very short, like one or two sentences for each.