VR/AR Fundamentals: Introduction

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 95 slides, 1.8MB)

Week 1 – Introduction

1. (A Funny Question)
2. What are VR / AR fundamentals?
3. Who am I?
4. Who are you?
5. Class structure
6. Assignments & grading
7. Being “positively critical”

Your Assignment for Wednesday

Concept and Syllabus on http://ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals/ (!!!)
Brenda Laurel, What Is Virtual Reality? (2016)
Alvin Wang Graylin, 16 Lessons for a VR-First Future From ‘Ready Player One’” (2017)

Post and Present:
Of the 16 Lessons, which one do you MOST agree with and which one do you LEAST agree with. Please post why. The posts can be very short, like one or two sentences for each.

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