VR/AR Fundamentals 1/5: Audiovisual Resolution & Fidelity

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 44 slides, 1.4MB)

Week 2 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 1: Resolution & Fidelity
What does it take to fool one eye and one ear with a framed image?

Static Elements
—–Pixels & Color
—–Dynamic Range & Brightness
—–Photo-Realism, Abstraction, & Cartoonishness

And special to VR / AR

Dynamic Elements
—–Motion & Frame Rate
———-Frequency Range
———-Dynamic Range & Loudness
———-Audio-Realism, Abstraction, & Cartoonishness

Your Assignment for Wednesday

The class blog ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals has a new page:


Take a look at all 7 VR catalogs.
Select and post 3 titles you’d like to experience and why.

VR / AR News of the Week

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