VR/AR Fundamentals 2/5: Audiovisual Spatiality & Immersion

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 89 slides, 2.5MB)

Week 3 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 2: Spatiality and Immersion
What does it take to fool two eyes and ears and with an unframed image?


Stereoscopics & Stereophonics
— Parallax & Disparity
— Interpupillary Distance (IPD)
— Convergence
— Stereo & Binaural Sound

Multiscopics & Multiphonics
— Holography
— Head Tracking
— Volumetric Video
— Spatial Sound

— History
— Monoscopic Panoramas & Nodal Points
— Stereoscopic Panoramas & Head Rotation
— Multiscopic Panoramas

Putting It All Together


Your Assignment for Wednesday
There’s more material on: http://ima.nyu.sh/vr-ar-fundamentals/resources/ .
Select and post 3 more titles you’d like to experience and why.
Seeking more obscure and edgy.

VR / AR News of the Week

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