VR/AR Fundamentals 5/5: Live & Social

Michael’s Presentation (PDF minus videos, 60 slides, 1.6MB)

Week 6 – VR / AR FUNDAMENTALS 5: Live & Social
Being immersed in live events and with other people.

— What is Live?
— Live before the Telegraph
— Broadcasting
— Webcams
— Remote Control
— Live Bits
— How to Democratize Webcams?

— Symmetry (again)
— Early Live Social
— Teleconferencing
— MUDSs, MOOs, and MMORPGs
— Second Life
— Facebook and Social VR

Your Assignment
DEADLINE Wednesday OCTOBER 25: You are to experience, critique, and post
your selected VR titles. This means:
1) Make sure your titles are here and running. (Work with platform point person.)
2) Write a brief review for each on the Documentation site.
3) Tag and rank your titles on the Catalog page. (Work with Ada and Dave.)
All platforms must be set up with instruction pages.

VR / AR News of the Week