Week 7: Current Dilemmas & Opportunities

This is a lead-in, pre-production, to the second half-semester.

Project Priorities
Imagery is stereoscopic
Imagery is immersive (at least 180 degrees)
—- Imagery may be shot <180 degrees

Sound is spatial
—- in VR video
—- in game engine

Interactive (in a game engine)
—- manipulating elements
—- branching only

Relevant Videos
NYTimes at the Met (7 min)
Ode to Joy with audio (4 min)
6DOF Depth maps from stereo (15 min)
Close Up in VR (15 min)

Possible Venues
Moving around a space
Extreme stereoscopic 3D
Interactive people

Yi Halo
DIY stereo rig

Documentary / Political
Art / Conceptual
Entertainment / Humor

Exercise: 5 Groups of 3
Name 3 things you’d like to see more in VR titles today.
(10 minutes)

Assignment for Wednesday
Your 3 most
[compelling / novel / cool / interesting]
[techniques / innovations / styles / moments]
you’ve seen / heard / read in VR.

Please post and present.