Week 9: Project Week 2 (of 7)

Things to Address
1) Title/Topic/Content
2) Who/What is in front of the camera
3) Sound
4) Interactivity

Production Specs

Hardware: VR headset and handheld pushbutton

Clips are all video sequences.
– Destination clips are 360 degree video, stationary camera, spatial sound.
– Route clips are ~270 degrees video sped up, moving camera, music track.

Hotspots are still frames with highlighted areas which, when clicked, call up a new clip.
– Destination hotspots have >1 option to allow users to “click to choose.”
– Route hotspots may have 1 option, which means “click to continue.”

Goal is total spatial continuity, perfect (or near perfect) “match cuts.”


Some Guidelines

It’s far easiest to have all imagery be actual stuff in front of the camera, even text.

Stuff in front of the camera can be digitally added or deleted if the camera hasn’t moved and the lighting stays ~the same.

Sound can be more flexible, recorded during camera shoots (for synced voices) or recorded separately and added later.

Careful planning makes for easy shooting. When camera is at a destination, shoot all options at the same time.

Options mean interactivity:

– Print several different text messages to be held in the same spot, or different spots.

– Shoot multiple performances, like a student demoing their project in 5 takes expressing different levels of satisfaction or frustration.

– People can be hotspots (“follow me”) or parts of people (“chose which hand”).

– Props can be hotspots.