VR titles from the major commercial players

HTC Viveport
PC based

Google Daydream Experiences
Daydream-ready phone (link)

Samsung/Oculus GearVR
Samsung GALAXY smartphones

Mobile app
Mobile app

Some replies from my Facebook query (for “gold mines” and “gold”) thru Sept 18:

Sean White Take a look at the Aframevr twitter feed. Everything from kids games to Turkish political art.

Jeremiah Moore Pearl / Google spotlight stories. (360 piece, Not particularly edgy….)
David Lawrence Just won an Emmy, btw.
Anna Marie Piersimoni Also won 2016 Oscar for animated short

David Tames Notes on Blindness – Into the Darkness is highly recommended, it’s the first VR headset experience with which I experienced the entire thing from beginning to end and wanted to experience it again. An amazing mix of storytelling, visualization, sound design… storytelling in a VR environment that works and uses the affordances of the medium brilliantly!

Janet Murray Gnomes and Goblins; everything by Nonny de la Peña

Mark Chavez The Classic of Mountains and Seas or Shan Hai Jing is a great source and culturally relevant.

Lev Manovich I am seeing very good VR works at Ars Electronica Center today, maybe you can get their list.

Megan Elliott Lynette Wallworth‘s Collisions

Ferhan Cook Venice Festival…/
Venice dedicates an entire island to the world’s best…

Anna Marie Piersimoni In the Night Café – VR Tribute to Vincent Van Goph, Duet by Glenn Keane.
Anna Marie Piersimoni Also, check Women in VR Facebook page – lots of good people a resources.

Tara McPherson Virtual Virtual Reality by Tender Claws

Kellee Santiago Definitely Virtual Virtual Reality on Daydream, Horizons is a great interactive music example, too.

Meredith Tromble Don’t know if this counts as a VR resource, but here’s something about our UCD project:…/entangling-art-biology…/

Bob Stein from a historical point of view, this video from TED in 1990 is one of the first public demos of VR

Anonymous: some gold vr artists: Isaac Cohen (cabibbo), george michael brower (always & forever), and Tyler hurd

Matt Belanger

Adi Robertson, The Verge
The best virtual reality from the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival
The best virtual reality from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival
The five best VR experiences we saw at 2016 Oculus Connect’s demo day
The best virtual reality from the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
The best virtual reality from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

VR examples from UCLA Professor Steve Anderson‘s Introduction to VR Class

6×9 (The Guardian) – 360 documentation×9-a-virtual-experience-of-solitary-confinement#gvr-360

• this one is readily available in the Oculus store; free and interesting for all affordances of the medium! 
• interesting use of raycasting to procedurally alter video content 
Invasion (Baobab)
• Pixar-style animation; similar to Oculus Story Studio animations, like “Henry”; easily available on GearVR
Within (formerly VRSE / Aaron Koblin, Chris Milk)
• this is easily loaded on the GearVR, allowing access to several interesting projects especially:
   • Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness (uniquely perfect conjunction of form and content)
   • Mr. Robot VR experience (live action, branded content)
   • Waves of Grace (social issue documentary; Produced by the  UN)
   • Clouds Over Sidra (social issue documentary)
Across the Line (Nonny de la Peña, et al; produced by Planned Parenthood)
• available through Oculus store; combines live action 360 video with motion captured CGI animation based on documentary audio
PBS: My Brother’s Keeper
The Void
Ascend the Wall
Dog sled simulator – North Face 
Guillotine simulator
Race Car Simulator
Classroom Aquatic
Amphibian diving simulator
50 Shades Darker masquerade ball
International Space Station simulator for Rift:
Dreams of Dali
Marshmallow Laser Feast: In the Eyes of the Animal 
From WEVR Transport:
The Blu
Hard World for Small Things
Bjork: Family
Alone Together
Break a leg
Dino Frontier
JLG Training Simulator
Life of Us by Within
Nanite Fulcrum
Project Summer Camp
Racket NX
Rainbow Crow
Seeking Dawn
Virtual Virtual Reality
    – Daydream only
Zero Days
Vincent Morisset (NFB) Way to Go
• we should try to get this running on at least one of the Rifts soon, but the web version is very good. 
Assent (Oscar Raby)

• this seems to only be available for the Rift, not the Gear, but how/where is it accessible?